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Run-A-Mucca 2005

Run-a-Mucca 2003

Run-a-Mucca 2002
Bull Rider

Lingerie Party

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T'Shirts & Panties & Thongs
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OH MY !!

This page has links to photos from some of the wild ass parties we had here in the last couple of years.

Halloween Party 2004

I didn't get any pictures in 2005

Halloween Party 2006

Halloween Party 2007

AfterBurn Party 2007

Run-a-Mucca 2003 Motorcycle Rally

2003 turned out to be better than last year for the 2nd Annual Run-a-Mucca Rally. The MineShaft Bar had a full schedule of entertainment for the weekend that included
Amateur Strippers (with some help from the ladies of the Paradise Cafe), a Freestyle Banana Sucking Exhibition, the traditional
Wet T'Shirt Contest, and for the first time ever in Winnemucca,
!!Jello Wrestling!! We had a bar set up in the parking lot all weekend and offered free vendor booth space. The non-stop party at The MineShaft Bar was hosted by our "spokes-models" The MineShaft Bar Girls, who made sure that every rally participant in town knew where to find The MineShaft.


Run-a-Mucca 2002 Motorcycle Rally

The event was a major success for the city of Winnemucca and the
Wild Bunch MC, without the overwhelming police presence that marred another rally in Elko weeks later.
We had a Mechanical Bull in the parking lot all weekend, a Bobbing on Bananas exhibition on Friday, a Wet T'Shirt Contest on Saturday, and Amateur Invitational Strippers on Sunday(sort of an open mic. night for aspiring dancers and exhibitionists.)

One lady that participated in all these events is the soon to be world famous Rayne. She is a professional dancer and so luscious I oughta be charging you money to look at these pictures.

If anyone depicted in these photos has an objection to me posting their picture here E-MAIL me and I'll delete your image. As you might have noticed, we allow our patrons to freely express themselves!!